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Crochet Lounge Pants

There is an absolutely lovely picture of crochet lounge pants floating around on the internet. My readers who use Pinterest probably know the ones I am talking about. After much searching, and following teasing links that say free pattern available, I was unable to find any pattern for them, free or otherwise.

I have no problems paying for a pattern, especially since I know that my design skills don’t match most of the pros out there. However, this time I challenged myself. I took up my darned hook, and was bound and determined to make these pants for myself, or at least a reasonable imitation of; which gave birth to this great pattern...and it’s FREE!!!!

I encourage you to share, but do not sell or take credit for the pattern. Please link back to me if you post your pics.

Lounge Pants

E hook

6 skeins Loops and Threads Soft and Shiny cream (this is a rough estimate as I had lots of this in my stash, and some of the balls skeins were partially used)

Legs are worked back and forth and joined at the inseam. I measured my leg from hip to ankle, from there I decided how long to make the foundation row. You can adjust this, but make your row a multiple of four. I based the width of the leg by measuring the largest part of my thigh.

1. Foundation row, chain 181, add 3 chains, double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook, double crochet in the same stitch twice (first cluster made), ch 1, skip 3 ch, 3 dc in same stitch, ch 1 – continue until the end of the foundation row (46 clusters) ch 4 and turn

2. Work 3 dc in every ch 1 sp with a 1 ch between until the end of the row, ch 1 after the last cluster, dc in the last st, (45 clusters) ch 3 and turn

3. Work 2 dc in the first ch 1 sp, ch 1, 3 dc in next ch 1 sp, repeat to the end of the row (46 clusters)

Continue repeating rows 2 and 3 until you are at your desired width, end on a row 2 and fasten off. For me, it was a total of 42 rows. Repeat for the second leg.

Measure your inseam and mark on the legs, fold over and join up to the marker. Keep in mind you’ll be folding over the top two inches of the pants for the drawstring. I prefer used slip stitches to join as it looks fairly invisible, but you could whip stitch or use anything else you like better.

Join legs together at the midpoint/crotch.

Waist: Crochet 2 double crochets for each row along the top of the pants, fasten off and then turn right side out.

Fold over top of pants for about 4 rows, sew to secure.

Ties: With K hook, chain 200, fasten off. Make 2. Weave these into the waist band.

I’m afraid I can’t include the pattern for the trim as this was not my design. There are lots of trims available for free on Pinterest.

I am definitely going to try making these in Cotton Fair with a bigger gauge, and I’m going to work on my own trim.

Hope you like the pattern! I would love to see your pics in the comments! The moral of this story I guess would be that if you can't find a pattern, make your own! You can do it!

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