• Jacqueline Giordano

Thank You!!!

I wanted to take the time to thank some of my fellow crocheters who have inspired me to be more creative with my crochet.

Sharon Ojala is a wonderful lady who designs all sorts of cute toys and offers her patterns for free. From her site amigurumitogo.com I learned what amigurumi was. She is also on Facebook. Do check out her wonderful doll houses and other crafts as well.

I discovered Donna Wolf on YouTube and have made lots of awesome stuff with her videos. Her website is: naztazia.com . So many elegant designs to choose from.

"Until morale improves, the crocheting will continue." That's Regina Weiss's motto. If you love boho, you MUST check out her website . Regina has lots of boho inspired fashion patterns and is an awesome blogger!

I have found lots of great kids patterns on repeatcrafterme.com . Sarah's site is for more than just crochet though. She also has a crock pot section....mmmmm!

Any more wonderful sites to recommend? Please comment below!

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