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Life is Life!

Hello Crazy Crocheters,

It's been a long time since I posted anything, and unfortunately, this post isn't going to be about crochet. Just making an update on what's been going on in the crazy life of the Crazy Crochet Lady.

Crafts shows have been very slow. I normally do well at the hospitals, but I think this Corona virus scare is keeping people away. I don't want to get into that though. I work in a hospital for my day job, and we are not panicking. I think the common flu is scary enough, and more easily transmitted.

So first things first, despite some pretty sad things going on lately, including the loss of some beloved family members and my cat Max, I made the decision to wean off my anti-depressants. Much to my doctor's misgivings, and mine, I'll admit. I just found that the benefits were not out-weighing the side-effects. It was an unsettling experience for me. The last time I weaned, I did not experience any withdrawal symptoms at all, so this caught me off-guard. Thankfully, the Hubby was very understanding about my lethargy. Good gravy, the house still looks like a bomb hit it though. Things were pretty trippy for me for a while.

Rest in Peace Maxie!

Secondly, I've been shuffling my daughter around to specialists for the entire 10 years of her life, and FINALLY we have gotten some answers. The poor kid has had Celiac disease this whole time. So many things make sense now. Although I am relieved to finally have some answers, I'm frustrated that it took this long to figure out. There will be more testing now, for my younger son who has a 1 in 20 chance of having it, and for me and Hubby as well.

On top of all that, I was the victim of a credit card scammer, who ported my phone number out of my SIM card and used it to retrieve information from my credit card account. So that required a lot of fixing. I have a new number now, and my deepest apologies to anyone who was trying to contact me via cell. This is a fairly new scam, and it is making the rounds fast. If you have a cell, I highly recommend that you contact your provider and get a port blocker on your SIM card ASAP!

I have a few client projects that I am working on that will take me a bit of time, but since I feel energized lately, hopefully not too long. AND the muse is upon me, and I have pulled out an old book I have been working on for years and started working on it again. It's got nothing to do with crochet, more of a steam-punk erotic romance. Maybe I'll post an excerpt here, if I can stop myself from blushing about it, LOL!

Anyway, here's a promise that I'll get a new pattern on here soon. I'm setting the goal for the end of April. Life is tough sometimes, but I'm finding new hope and strength in my Catholic faith.

So thanks for paying attention to my rant, and God Bless!

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