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My First Show

Well, my first show came and went. Those of you who have been following me know that the original date had to be rescheduled due to that awful ice storm we had. I think sales would have been better on that date due to Mother's Day gift buyers, but that's life. I learned some things from my fellow vendors. There were A LOT of gorgeous displays! So the first thing I learned was that mine needed a little work!

Next, I need to buy my own table. Rental fee is a little steep. Although I'm thinking two smaller tables to each side with the middle open so customers can approach the mandalas.

The toys attracted the kids, and I heard a lot of "Please, Mom!" Unfortunately, it was mostly followed up with, "You have too many stuffies already!" So, next time, I will have more stuffies at a lower price point, and more of non-toy items, like my quillos.

The owls were my biggest seller, popular with adults and kids, so more of those.

I can't believe I forgot about water and snacks. I got thirsty pretty fast as it was hot in there! Which brings me to the next item... a fan!

And finally, a chair, a chair, a chair!!! Four hours didn't sound like a long time, but standing in relatively the same spot on a concrete floor was brutal.

All in all, a good learning experience. My fellow vendors agreed that the turn-out was not great, but it was the long week-end so that was to be expected. I made my fees back, so I will certainly be doing more shows.

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