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My name is Jacqueline Giordano, and as the website implies, I'm crazy.  Well, not really.  I am crazy about crochet though.  I started crocheting at the age of sixteen.  My grandmother taught me a basic Tunisian stitch and I was hooked (pun intended).  I raided my Oma's stash of scrap yarn, and began cranking out squares of all sizes.  Once I had a collection going, some not quite as square-ish as others, I stitched them all into a colourful afghan.  While my first work was far from perfect or pretty, it was warm and I was quite proud of it.  Over the years I added to it until I had a double size sleeping bag cover that accompanied me for many years on cottaging and camping trips.

After a while I became bored with only making scarves and blankets.  I knew there was more to learn.  I bought myself a crochet book and away I went!  Twenty-something years later, and after the encouragement of my friends and family, here I am turning my hobby into a business.

I seriously LOVE crochet and I love a challenge.  I hope it shows in my work.  Do you have something in mind?  Let me create it for you!



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